The birds are chirping, the buds are blooming, and winter is officially over. That means it’s time for your spring family session. Here are a few wardrobe tips to ensure the whole gang looks smashing.
Play up the face that it’s Spring! Have a necklace with a butterfly pendant? Perfect! An insect printed tee? Yes, please. Let the little ones dress themselves. If they really put on a creation bring along a change of clothes and we’ll make sure everyone looks great.
Channel the colours of Spring. Whenever I go shopping in Winter I walk away so disappointed. Somehow everyone thinks that one can only wear black, grey and brown in Winter. Why can we not wear colour in Winter? Anyway, it’s Spring now so you have full permission to wear all the colours of the rainbow. Look out the window for inspiration for your family’s colour palette. Greens, pinks, yellows, beige, khaki, and blues all work exceptionally well.
Layer up! Spring can be both warm and cool at one, so come prepared. We love spring scarves, light cardigans and dresses wth boots.
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Let’s get colourful!